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Chapter 36 Fired Again

  • “Yang Qin, I was the one who asked for you!” Chen Yaozu frowned impatiently.
  • Yang Qin’s mind blanked before she turned around. “Principal Chen, why did you ask for me?”
  • “Regarding the accusation of stealing money from the budget of the Student Association against Ji Youyou, we can’t jump to conclusions without investigating first!” Chen Yaozu paused before continuing, “I want you to gather everyone in your class and explain the situation to them! I’ve already contacted the police and I will give the students a proper explanation after the investigation!”
  • “Do we need to resort to such measures? I’m sure that deep-down, everyone knows how the money was lost!” Yang Qin said, displeased.
  • “I said, stop jumping to conclusions when the investigation is not done yet!” Chen Yaozu waved her off, annoyed at her behaviour. “Just do what I told you to do. You don’t have to stick your nose into other matters!”
  • “Fine,” Yang Qin answered coldly. She turned back to glare at Ji Youyou and Tang Yin before shaking her head and leaving.
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