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Chapter 352 Video Evidence

  • “Don’t you have anything more to say?” Yu Chen looked at Han Qi as he started to cackle. Then, he pointed at her, “President Han, Ji Youyou had stolen the necklace. How could she be a member of the Board of Directors if she dared to steal such a worthless thing from the shopping mall? She has behaved in a dishonorable manner, and she has a bad attitude. She might have been bribed by somebody to humiliate me during my concert that day. Otherwise, how could she refuse me?”
  • Han Qi’s expression looked extraordinarily dark. “Ji Youyou did not steal that necklace…”
  • “She didn’t? Then who did? President Han, are you trying to protect her? It’s definitely her! I am sure of it!” Yu Chen pointed at Ji Youyou and said viciously, “Only a vile person like her could do such a thing!”
  • The crowd’s gaze fell upon Ji Youyou. That was because Yu Chen had the power to draw the crowd in when he spoke. In addition to the security guard and Qin Xiaolu’s accusation, Ji Youyou was made to look like the thief.
  • “Turn on the footage of the surveillance cameras! I want everybody to see it…”
  • “That’s right! Just turn on the footage of the surveillance cameras, so that everyone can see for themselves!”
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