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Chapter 35 The Class Teacher

  • Ji Youyou was a little flustered and she immediately lowered her head as she did not know what to do.
  • Tang Yin tilted his head and frowned slightly when he saw two girls walking over from the distance.
  • The two girls had exaggerated expressions on their faces as they looked at Ji Youyou. “How is it that you are able to come back to the university?
  • “Ji Youyou, how shameless of you! How dare you come back?” said the other girl as she pouted. “You have embarrassed all of us and ruined the image of Wuhan University! What are you doing back here?”
  • “I—I—I was not…” Ji Youyou lifted her head and struggled to explain.
  • “You were not? We all know what happened. There were so many policemen around the other day; were they not here because of you?” Sun Qi curled her lips as she looked at Ji Youyou and Tang Yin in disdain, “Who is this? Did you get a boyfriend? Look at you!You’re so ugly and yet, there’s still someone blind enough to agree to be your boyfriend?”
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