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Chapter 343 The Shameless Second Master of the Tang Family

  • “Are you sure, Master?” The old butler asked him in a low voice.
  • Tang Yuanbo narrowed his eyes as the expression on his face looked solemn. Following that, his gaze became solemn as well.
  • “There are over a hundred people on this island, so the second master must have some spies here. If you go out to sea now, the second master will notice it the moment you get on his boat. By then, it would be a life and death struggle.” The old butler sighed gently and continued, “The second master may not do anything to you, but if Jiang Hui knew that you are going to kill them, nobody can guarantee what she will do next.”
  • Tang Yuanbo clenched his fist as he slammed his hands on the table furiously. “This unfilial son…”
  • The old butler looked at him and shook his head slightly. He did not say anything any more.
  • In the Tang Family, almost everyone knew Tang Yuanbo’s thoughts, and they knew how he treated the second master of the Tang Family. In his heart, he had always wanted to give his eldest son the position as the Patriarch of the Tang Family. Even if his eldest son was incompetent, he would pass it on to his eldest grandchild. If he was incompetent as well, then he would pass it on to the descendant of the eldest grandchild. As for the second master of the Tang Family, although he had brought supreme glory to the Tang Family’s name, it was too bad he was born later.
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