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Chapter 338 Tough

  • “The Tang Family’s house rules aren’t just for show! While contributors shall be rewarded, those who have made mistakes shall be punished! Now that your wife has messed up the Tang Family, we should solve this according to the house rules!”
  • Tang Lijiang was still confused. “Father, are you telling me to involve the house rules in this matter?”
  • “Flogging!” Tang Yuanbo’s face was stern. “You either flog Jiang Hui or Tang Yin! Everyone in the Tang Family is starting to rebel now that we don’t follow the house rules anymore! I don’t blame you for being a gentle person, but the Tang Family must remain upright as we still need to act as a model example to others!”
  • This time, Tang Lijiang fell into a deeper silence, not uttering anything for a long while.
  • “I’m still talking to you!” Tang Yuanbo scolded.
  • “Alright! I’ll carry out the house rules myself…” Tang Lijiang said softly, “I’ll go back now to turn the situation in favor of our family.”
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