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Chapter 332 Chopping off Both Hands

  • Her frantic questioning echoed throughout the entire stadium.
  • Everyone stayed silent, not daring to say a word.
  • Yuan Zhian held Tang Yin’s body in her arms as she looked at Jiang Hui with admiration. This is how I should become! This is the path I should take in the future!
  • “Hui…” Tang Lijiang’s voice softened as he whispered, “I know that I have mistreated you and our son over the years, but I hope that you can understand the circumstances! Tang Yin is our son, and I definitely don’t want to see anyone harming him! You and Tang Yin are irreplaceable in my heart; I would never let you two get injured even if the world was ending!”
  • “Tang Lijiang, you’re nothing but a sweet talker!” Jiang Hui sneered.
  • “In fact, I actually asked my men to make preparations to save him tonight. I didn’t know that you would rush over all of a sudden! But since I knew that you would be able to handle it well, I didn’t ask my men to attack…” Tang Lijiang said softly and gently, “Hui, I… I’ve mistreated you and our son all these years, hence I apologize to the both of you. I just don’t want the Tang Family to be torn apart now!”
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