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Chapter 327 An Intense Duel

  • “Waa…”
  • Seeing this scene, Cen Xia bawled out loud.
  • Ever since Cen Xia’s brother passed, Tang Yin and Ji Youyou were her dearest relatives. Seeing someone strangling Ji Youyou before her eyes, Cen Xia cried in fear.
  • “Let go!”
  • At this, the sound of Yuan Zhian’s teeth grinding resonated throughout the house. After spending the past few days with Ji Youyou, Yuan Zhian had long regarded her as her supreme master. There was no one else in this world who could touch Ji Youyou, save for Tang Yin, the one true master.
  • “You have a problem?” Tang Licheng turned, his tone suddenly cold.
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