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Chapter 325 The Insincere Apology

  • “Yu Chen, you can’t kneel down!”
  • “Don’t listen to her, Yu Chen! Who is she anyway? How dare she order you to kneel down?!”
  • “I beg of you, Yu Chen! Do not kneel down and apologize when you’re not in the wrong anyway! We will all back you up!”
  • All of Yu Chen’s fans there were furious. If it weren’t for Han Siyu’s bodyguards blocking him, they would have really assaulted Tang Yin and the others.
  • Yu Chen’s face looked sickly pale as if he had gone through a lot. No matter what, he was still one of the rising stars in the nation right now. How could he hold his head high if he really knelt down right now? Even if Han Siyu held his entire career on the line, he was still unwilling to kneel.
  • “Are you still hesitating?” Han Siyu became even more enraged when she saw that Yu Chen had made no move to kneel down.
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