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Chapter 316 Attacking At The Same Time

  • “Why is there no one?” The look on Tian Wei’s face changed. All of sudden, he exploded in anger as he kicked the coffee table in front of him and shouted, “Where are they? Where is everyone?”
  • “We’ve checked everywhere and there’s still no one…”
  • “Tang Yin, come out now!” Tian Wei was infuriated as he growled at the manor.
  • “We need to leave now! This may be a trap!” De Long took a look and started to pull Tian Wei toward the door as they tried to head out.
  • Boom!
  • Just then, a loud explosion was heard from the inside of the manor. A strong blast followed by blazing flames gushed toward them. The whole manor was instantly engulfed in flames and it was like hell on earth.
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