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Chapter 313 Everyone Was Finally In Place

  • “President Tian, have you seen how sincere we are?” asked Yin Ningfu.
  • “I’ve seen it and I’m very grateful to both you and the person behind you!” said Tian Zhenzhong.
  • “President Tian, we are all smart people, so let’s leave all the thanks aside! I’m sure everyone in Shanghai knows how Shang Qing Group came to be back then! Your underground forces in Shanghai were quite famous and even though you’re only doing legal businesses now, I bet you probably still have some influence on them!” Yin Ningfu could not stop talking as she smiled and continued saying, “We are facing the same enemy and the same difficult situation right now! My Young Master has helped you to solve the matters of Shang Qing Group. Don’t you think you should also do the same and help our Young Master solve his problems as well?”
  • Tian Zhenzhong held his breath for a moment and the look on his face changed. What shall come will come! I can’t just enjoy what others give me and not do anything in return.
  • “We’ve found out where Tang Yin is staying in the last few days, but we need your men to get rid of him. This will not be a problem for you, will it?” Yin Ningfu said nonchalantly.
  • “Young Miss of the Yin Family, getting rid of Tang Yin will be a little difficult… Besides, I have not been active underground all these years. Hence, it’s going to be a little challenging…” said Tian Zhenzhong, looking extremely troubled.
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