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Chapter 296 Failed Hunt

  • “Lin!” Duan Jincheng roared as he held her tightly in his embrace.
  • The blast engulfed everything in a 10 meter radius of the Duan Family's manor like a live monster; it was a rather terrifying sight.
  • “Lin!” Duan Jincheng screamed out.
  • Lin Yashi's scalp was bleeding, her cheeks blistered and burned beyond recognition. Her once silky hair was shrivelled from the blast, making her look a hollow shell of her previous self. Fear was still evident in her eyes.
  • How could a woman like her handle an explosive blast like that?
  • Duan Jincheng’s eyes reddened as he held onto Lin Yashi. They were surrounded by roaring flames blazing all around them. He would have never thought that those trucks that forced their way into his manor were filled with explosives and flammables.
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