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Chapter 286 Taking Shelter in the Hidden Bunker

  • Among the three cars, Yuan Zhian and a driver were sitting in the last car.
  • She had expected this situation when they were leaving from the estate, and it seemed that someone really did catch up with them.
  • “Haha...Tang Yin, did you become a coward? Aren't you all high and mighty? Aren't you looking for me? Don't you want me to apologize? Why are you escaping?” Duan Jincheng laughed wickedly. He wasn’t sure if Tang Yin was in the car, but he would assume that Tang Yin was not dead, and was in that car anyway.
  • Yuan Zhian’s expression was icy, her face as dark as coal.
  • Bang!
  • Again, Duan Jincheng’s Lamborghini hit the car that Yuan Zhian was in, badly shaking the car.
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