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Chapter 275 Shang Qing Group

  • Tang Yin had heard about Yin Group and Shang Qing Group when he was in Wuhan. When the men from Shang Qing Group went to Wuhan, they went to see if Wuhan had the potential for them to lay root, and also to see if they could form some sort of relationship with Tang Yin. Who knew that one incident would cause conflict with Tang Yin?
  • After that, Yu Gui manipulated Lin Chuchu's family to join the Venture Capital Finance Building. Outsiders might think that Tang Yin was involved, but only they knew how they had gotten on Tang Yin's wrong side. Tang Yin had already given enough warning after the incident but he did not expect Shang Qing Group to send him an invitation.
  • “What do you think?” Tang Yin looked at Yuan Zhian.
  • Yuan Zhian muttered, “It's all up to you! If you want to achieve something in Shanghai, Shang Qing Group may be useful and you should attend the banquet this afternoon. However, if your intentions are to take care of Duan Jincheng and leave Shanghai, then there is no need to give Shang Qing Group any courtesy as these people would take advantage of you once given the chance. If you agree to go this time, there might be trouble in the future… ”
  • Tang Yin nodded as he drifted away in his thoughts.
  • There were three regional managers in Greater China; one of them was Wuhan's manager, Tong Junyou, who had now been taken down by Tang Yin. The other was Han Qi, the manager of Shanghai, with an unclear situation, and lastly, the manager of Beijing.
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