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Chapter 267 Still Pretending

  • Director Zhang cringed and dashed to the elevator, not daring to speak anymore.
  • Rushing downstairs and driving her car out, she headed straight to Wuhan University.
  • It was the beginning of a new term at Wuhan University, and Zhang Hongxiu knew that Ji Youyou would be at the campus’s entrance making preparations for the orientation program.
  • After parking her car at the campus’s entrance, Zhang Hongxiu spotted Ji Youyou from a distance. Ji Youyou was slumped on a bench, looking quite low-spirited, and not only that, she was sitting next to a man. Isn’t he Ji Youyou’s boyfriend—Tang Yin?
  • Anger slowly rose in Zhang Hongxiu when she saw Ji Youyou; if it had not been for the latter, she wouldn’t have received such humiliation today.
  • It’s all this little b*itch’s fault! After all, who else would dare to challenge me at the Hui Hong Education Center? How am I going to regain my dignity after being beaten by Cui Youpeng in front of seventy people?
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