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Chapter 266 Beaten Up

  • Ji Youyou was baffled by Director Zhang’s words. She had been working hard since she started this job and had never made a single mistake. This is what I get in the end?
  • “Why are you hesitating? I’m asking you to leave!” Director Zhang got angrier when she saw Ji Youyou standing there like a fool. Stepping forward, she gave Ji Youyou a nudge and sent her reeling backward.
  • Ji Youyou nearly fell to the floor as she lost her balance.
  • “Your existence is just a waste of our resources. What are you waiting for? Leave now!” Director Zhang was furious. Pointing at the elevator, she growled, “Get out of here!”
  • Ji Youyou’s eyes brimmed with tears. Nodding slightly, she turned and took the elevator down.
  • Director Zhang sneered as she watched Ji Youyou take the elevator. When Ji Youyou was out of her sight, she walked toward her office with a roll of her eyes. No one can take advantage of me; not even an experienced colleague, let alone a college student like Ji Youyou. Did she think she’s got the capabilities to stand against me? Then she should get out of my sight! Director Zhang walked back to her office while thinking about this.
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