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Chapter 264 False Pretense

  • “Tang Yin, you’re here?” Madam Shen was beaming with joy when she saw Tang Yin. “If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have bothered coming from such a long way—”
  • “Madam Shen, what brings you here?” Tang Yin walked forward briskly.
  • Madam Shen pursed her lips. “To enroll my child!”
  • “Enrolment?” Tang Yin turned his gaze to Shen Ruxin, feeling a slight tremor from the corner of his lips.
  • “Why? Can’t I enroll?” Shen Ruxin felt being looked down upon by Tang Yin, and answered willfully, “I have retired from the army, so of course I can enroll into university. Do you think you’re the only one who can be accepted and I can’t?”
  • “No…” Tang Yin was awkward. “The enrollment office is over there. Please follow me!”
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