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Chapter 248 A Feast with the Shen Family

  • Not everyone could own such a car.
  • Tang Yin stared at that face and laughed dryly. “What a coincidence.”
  • Shen Ruxin did not have her military uniform on; instead, she was wearing a light green T-shirt. She let down her short hair and wore a pair of oversized sunglasses, emitting a sense of wild and carefree beauty. “My mom is discharged from the hospital, so I’m inviting you to come to my house tonight.”
  • “Um…” Tang Yin smiled forcefully. “I might not have time tonight.”
  • “I’m not here to discuss with you. I’m here to inform you.” Shen Ruxin pursed her lips while raising an eyebrow. Her car let out a roar before it turned around and sped away.
  • Tang Yin smiled helplessly and restarted his car before driving out of the university campus.
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