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Chapter 247 He Is Tang Yin

  • “Guards, hold them captive, and call the police immediately!” Chen Yaozu was truly angry now, and he bellowed in fury. “This is a university. It’s not somewhere for you guys to do as you please! Even if Wuhan University loses you as an investor, we will not be humiliated in this way!”
  • Several security guards came rushing toward them and held Tian Wei down swiftly, and they even did the same to Tian Rui.
  • “Chen Yaozu, you will regret this! Do you think that others would be willing to invest in your stupid project? The profitability of this project is so bad that no one else but Shang Qing Group would have the guts to invest in it,” Tian Wei roared.
  • “Even if you don’t invest, Wuhan University will be able to find other investors!” Chen Yaozu refused to back down.
  • Tang Yin let out a sigh internally while he observed the scene. Chen Yaozu is putting up an act. This project has no promising profitability, but fortunately, investors wouldn’t lose money. It’s just that a portion of the working capital would be frozen. With Tian Wei and Shang Qing Group’s sudden involvement in this matter paired with Chen Yaozu trying to protect me, I may have ruined this project.
  • “Wuhan University is a lousy university,’ Tian Rui yelled and stomped her feet, acting like a b*tch.
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