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Chapter 244 Lick It Clean

  • “I-I’m sorry!” Lin Chuchu stood up abruptly and stood to one side while lowering her head. She then hid her injured wrist behind her back.
  • “Are you blind?” the woman, who was standing opposite her, scolded her while pointing at her shoe that Lin Chuchu had stepped on earlier. “Do you know how much this pair of shoes costs? Who do you think you are to step all over them? Have you lost your mind?”
  • Lin Chuchu was so scared that she took a couple steps backward, and her heart skipped a beat. “I am sorry. I truly am.”
  • “Do you think an apology is enough? This pair of shoes costs more than thirty thousand, and here you are apologizing casually after stepping and dirtying it?” Tian Rui prodded Lin Chuchu’s head while adding. “So, how are you going to compensate me?”
  • Lin Chuchu started shivering involuntarily because she had never encountered such a situation before. Hence, she was scared witless at that moment.
  • Tang Yin watched them from afar, and he scowled deeply. Although he didn’t quite like Lin Chuchu, a rare trace of pity flashed across his eyes when he saw her getting scolded badly.
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