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Chapter 243 Seeing Lin Chuchu Again

  • "Yeah, Tang Yin and I live here," Ji Youyou replied obediently.
  • Director Zhang seemed to understand at once and sneered, “Why do you want to live in such a good place if you cannot afford it? Renting a single room here must be expensive, right?"
  • Tang Yin was dumbfounded and had a faint smile on his face. “It's all right. We can still rent it."
  • Director Zhang shook her head and parked the car.
  • Tang Yin and Ji Youyou got out of the car, turned around, and walked into the mansion.
  • “You’re clearly biting off more than you can chew. Who do you actually think you are? You’re just some spendthrifts, and you even dare to rent such a good place,” Director Zhang mumbled and drove away.
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