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Chapter 242 Ji Youyou's Weird Colleague

  • Yuan Zhian was half kneeling in front of Tang Yin with her hands wrapped around his legs and her head buried between his legs.
  • Looking at them from behind, Yuan Zhian's seductive figure was almost perfectly outlined. However, their postures were suggestive, especially to the one who came in.
  • Tang Yin once caused a scene at Jiafu Auction Center, so the information of the person in front of him had actually already been placed on his table a long time ago.
  • It’s Yuan Xiao!
  • He was the one who founded Jiafu Auction Center and was also Yuan Zhian's father.
  • Yuan Xiao's face turned red when he saw his daughter's posture, but when he saw that it was Tang Yin, his face instantly became astonished, and his embarrassing smile seemed a little stiff.
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