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Chapter 238 No Choice but to Sell It

  • “This is mine.” Ji Youyou was getting slightly angry.
  • “Miss, perhaps she bought it for real?” Wang Haitao spoke to Li Xuhong unhappily while approaching them.
  • “‘She bought it’?” Li Xuhong asking exaggeratedly. “Do you know how much this bracelet costs? Are you claiming that this is yours? This bracelet costs more than three million, and how dare you have the audacity to say that she bought it?”
  • Wang Haitao suddenly felt doubtful as he watched Li Xuhong’s reaction. If he hadn’t seen the bracelet personally, he would not have believed that such a young woman was wearing a bracelet valued at nearly four million.
  • “What’s wrong? Do you have nothing to say anymore? You are in shock, aren’t you? If you don’t have that much money, how dare you try on items from a shop? Who is going to put it on now that the item has been contaminated by her?” Shen Rumin added fuel to the fire as she felt like she had finally managed to vent her frustration.
  • “Take it off,” Li Xuhong barked with a cold and detached expression.
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