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Chapter 232 No One Can Take Him Away

  • Tang Yin raised his head by just a hair and was astonished to find that the person who had just spoken was none other than Shen Ruxin.
  • The three streaks of paint still marred her face, giving her a wild, animal look. Moreover, there was an authoritative glint in her eyes that compelled one to listen to her.
  • “Huh!” Du Haibin’s face contorted malevolently and he pulled his gun from his belt yet again. “As I said, I won’t let anyone get in my way today; don’t blame me for doing what I have to do if anyone tries to pull anything!”
  • Shen Ruxin’s slowly darkened. “Officer Du, do you mean to use that gun?”
  • “I’ll use it on whomever dares to get in my way, and don’t blame me for not warning you in advance!” Du Haibin bellowed, his dogged, bright eyes sweeping his surroundings. “Don’t even imagine that the Shen Family can keep justice from prevailing!”
  • “I’d like to try and see! I wonder what a mere captain like you can do to me?!” Shen Congwu’s voice thundered out from the far end of the corridor.
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