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Chapter 231 Yet Another Attempt to Arrest Him

  • The policemen swiftly made their way to Tang Yin’s hospital room, managing to look inconspicuous as they went.
  • Du Haibin gave each of the men behind him a discrete signal, then led the way toward Tang Yin’s hospital room.
  • “He’s in the room at the end of the hallway!” Shen Rumin flung a hand out and pointed in the rough direction before encouraging them. “Officer Du, it’ll do wonders for your future if you handle this well!”
  • “Don’t worry!” Du Haibin gave her a nod and pulled out his pistol, then placed the other hand on the door handle and gently twisted it open.
  • Shen Rumin stood and watched from a distance. There was no need for her to hang around now that she’d brought the policemen to Tang Yin; as she saw it, there was no way he could escape today!
  • By then, Tang Yin had already sensed that something was wrong from inside the room, and he hastily turned his head, only to see the muzzle of Du Haibin’s pistol pointing straight at him. “Don’t move.”
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