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Chapter 230 A Good Deed Is Repaid With Evil

  • Still seething, Shen Rumin clambered off her husband’s car but still sighed in relief when she saw the hospital medics rush out to her mother’s aid; her personality may have been rotten, but even she was worried about her mother’s condition.
  • When she saw that the hospital staff had whisked Mrs. Shen away, Shen Rumin paused for a moment before walking toward a male guard by the sidelines. She then tugged him on the sleeve and demanded, “Li Qing, make sure that you don’t let the brat get away now that we’ve reached the hospital! We can’t just let him walk free like that; he has beaten a man to death! We owe him a debt, but we also need to be reasonable; he needs to pay for what he has done!”
  • “Alright!” Li Qing hesitated for just an instant before giving her a slight nod.
  • Shen Rumin snickered as she watched Tang Yin carry Cen Xia and help Ji Youyou into the hospital, then turned around, dug out her phone and made a call to Du Haibin.
  • “Haibin, there’s a murderer here with me in the hospital! Yes, that’s right. Okay, send someone over right away, and I’ll send a man to keep an eye on him,” Shen Rumin quietly spoke into the phone.
  • Disconnecting the call, Shen Rumin sneered, then ran into the hospital in feigned panic, as if she was chasing after the hospital staff and her mother.
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