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Chapter 222 Transferring Ownership of Venture Capital Finance

  • Without answering Mrs. Shen’s question, the two elderly men hurried forward and grabbed her by the neck before lifting her up.
  • “You—” Mrs. Shen's eyes widened, her gaze filled with fear. “You guys… My son is just nearby right now! If you dare touch me, I’ll make you pay for it!”
  • “Bring her away!” Tong Junyou waved them off, his facial expression steely.
  • Anger flashed across Mrs. Shen’s face right after a short moment of panic and she warned with a hint of superiority, “Let go of me right now! You guys won’t be able to bear the consequences if you capture me!”
  • However, Tong Junyou couldn’t care less. He grabbed onto Mrs. Shen’s hair and threw her to the ground before jeering through gritted teeth, “You old hag, looks like you’re tired of living, aren’t you? I’ve never met someone as shameless as you!”
  • As an elder who had never been disrespected before, she was completely taken aback by Tong Junyou’s treatment toward her and she exploded, “How dare you assault me?!”
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