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Chapter 22 Proving Her Innocence with Her Death

  • If that happened, wouldn't her life have been ruined?!
  • She was now expelled from university and facing the possibility of jail!
  • This wasn't what they'd planned! Weren't they supposed to have exposed Tang Yin and then curried favor with Miss Pei?! How was it that Miss Pei had suddenly become Tang Yin's underling, and that even Zhong Yin Group, whose name reverberated throughout Wuhan, was under Tang Yin's name?!
  • Lin Chuchu felt faint and on the verge of crumbling apart.
  • "Tang Yin, it's all my fault..." Lin Chuchu seemed to have finally understood what was going on and cried miserably as she clawed at Tang Yan's thigh. "I'm so sorry! I really didn't know! Please, on account of our friendship, let me off this one time?"
  • Tang Yin's expression was icy as he shoved her away. "Lin Chuchu, remember this well: we have never been friends."
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