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Chapter 212 Rodan Has Escaped

  • Tang Yin lifted his head and looked at Pei Ruo with a casual smile on his face. “What is it? Did I not make myself clear just now? Do you have a question?”
  • Pei Ruo’s expression underwent a series of changes. “Tang Yin, this is not the time to joke around!”
  • “I am not joking around with you.” Tang Yin crossed his arms and smiled. “I’m sure that you can see from my face how serious I am now.”
  • “Pei Ruo, please follow the Young Master’s orders.” Pei He, on the other hand, did not look surprised at all as he nodded his head at Pei Ruo.
  • It was only then did Pei Ruo recover from her shock.
  • It’s nearly impossible to buy over the shares of Venture Capital Finance as the company has decades of influence in Wuhan! Furthermore, according to their annual financial report, it was said their cash flow amounts to tens of billions!
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