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Chapter 211 Prepare to Acquire Venture Capital Finance

  • Tang Yin grinned. “Depend on you? Tong Junyou, do you think that you have the capabilities to make me do that?”
  • “Young Master!” Tong Junyou’s expression turned cold. “I am trying to persuade you for one last time as I am in debt to the second master of the Tang Family and Elder Miao for their care. If you still persist in going about things the wrong way, then don’t blame me for what I am about to do next. Don’t think that you can go about with your carefree life now! When the day comes, I’m afraid that your life would be more miserable than a dog’s!”
  • Tang Yin lifted his eyes and glared at him. “The victor hasn’t been decided yet.”
  • “Young Master, get off that high horse of yours, otherwise you may end up falling flat on your face… The second master of the Tang Family and Madam can only protect you for so long; they won’t be able to protect you for the rest of your life. By then, you might die a horrible death, and your body may even be fed to the dogs,” said Tong Junyou as he shook his head and sighed.
  • “I hope that you’ll still have the guts to say these words a week from now.” Tang Yin picked up his teacup and swirled the tea inside before splashing it onto Tong Junyou’s face.
  • Not moving an inch, Tong Junyou allowed the tea to splash all over his face.
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