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Chapter 210 We Are Giving You A Chance

  • Tong Junyou turned to look at the female secretary and gently smiled as he said, "Tang Yin huh… Well, I'm not too sure!"
  • "If you ask me, I'm guessing he won't be coming at all!" Li Yuan got out of the car and said with a smile on her face, "President Tong, we've all seen Tang Yin before and he is far from qualified to be your rival! I bet he was so scared after the news was released that he's trembling under his blankets."
  • Tong Junyou smiled and did not respond. Instead, he asked," How is Li Yunfeng? Is he still considering our proposal? "
  • "He told me that he will update me tonight!" replied Li Yuan, smiling. "Li Yunfeng is a little stubborn. However, in the general drift of events, I am quite confident that he will be a good judge of the situation and agree to join us soon!"
  • "He'd better!" Tong Junyou pouted as he turned to enter the Fortune Building and found that he was the first to arrive.
  • Bright red lanterns dotted the inside of Fortune Building, as though they were anticipating Tong Junyou's arrival.
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