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Chapter 203 Pushing The Blame

  • The words had barely left Tang Yin’s lips when an awkward air filled the kindergarten.
  • “What on earth happened?! Hurry up and spit it out!” Yu Chengguang swung around and glared at Li Laifu and his daughter, Li Pingping.
  • Li Laifu was completely bewildered at this point; he had neither a clue as to what was going on, nor an inkling why Yu Chengguang had turned on them all of a sudden. All he knew was that he’d affronted someone whom he shouldn’t have.
  • “I-it’s got nothing to do with me!” Li Laifu panicked and refuted the allegations. “I’m the Headmaster, and I’m not very clear about what goes on in the classrooms. A-ask Chu Yu!”
  • Chu Yu quaked and turned pale as a sheet.
  • Tang Yin turned his gaze toward the woman with narrowed eyes.
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