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Chapter 20 A Crowded Thronged The Security Office

  • “Where did this madwoman come from?!” Zhang Ting shouted blisteringly, but the words barely dropped from his lips when a crowd thronged the Security Office and filled it to maximum capacity.
  • More than ten police officers in full gear stormed in from the door; the black muzzles of their guns chilled onlookers to their cores.
  • Zhang Ting’s face went pale with shock, at a loss as to what had just happened.
  • It wasn’t just Zhang Ting. Beside him, Li Ming stood dumbstruck and Lin Chuchu shook in fear, unable to utter a word.
  • A man walked in from outside the Security Office with a particularly stormy face.
  • Principal Chen turned around with a remorseful expression and cried out, “Director Yang, I really can’t control the matter anymore! Zhang Ting won’t listen to me no matter how I try to stop him!”
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