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Chapter 199 Taking Their Stances

  • Hatred flashed across Jin Di’s eyes, and she pressed her back against the cold alloy of the elevator.
  • She would pay the pain that Pei Ruo had caused her back by tenfold! Her name was now mud in Wuhan anyway, so she’d decided to discard what was left of her pride, knowing very clearly what she had done. Back in the bathroom, Rodan’s words had been laced with threats, and she hadn’t been sure if she would make it out of the gathering if she didn’t follow his instructions.
  • Truth be told, Jin Di secretly approved of Rodan, especially since the handsome-looking fellow had both a charming face and immense wealth; he was a far better prospect than Lu Xianlin.
  • The only thing that irked and shamed Jin Di was that Rodan actually called Tang Yin ‘King’!
  • This gnawed at Jin Di as she couldn’t bear being below Pei Ruo, nor her man being inferior and submissive to Tang Yin.
  • Once the group entered the conference room, a beaming Rodan stood before them and pointed toward the information on the screen as he narrated the progress his company had made in their project.
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