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Chapter 193 He Is Not Worthy to Be Number One

  • Lin Liguo started laughing all of a sudden, thereafter he said arrogantly, “I don’t blame you for not understanding certain things. After all, information can be quite hard to get into your circle of acquaintances. If we had gotten in touch earlier, things wouldn’t have ended up like this. Well, it’s your own fault for putting on airs and thinking that you’re too good for others!”
  • “Lin Liguo!” Pei Ruo gritted her teeth with hatred.
  • Lin Liguo laughed mockingly as he shook his head. “I don’t think that you’ll understand even if I explained it to you.”
  • Pei Ruo gave him a cold look.
  • “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell her,” Master Lu finally spoke as he cast a sideways glance at Pei Ruo. Then, he chuckled in an unusual manner. “Some things will be revealed sooner or later even if you don’t mention it now.”
  • “Enough with your weird antics!” Pei Ruo held her head high and proceeded to walk toward the podium.
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