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Chapter 188 The Trap Was Ready

  • “Alright, I’ll get it done!” Secretary Qi nodded.
  • Tong Junyou nodded and chuckled coldly. “As arrogant as always… Tang Yin. Here I thought you could be more patient so that you wouldn’t expose your identity this year. Who knew you couldn’t keep it in? I guess you can’t blame me this time…”
  • As Tong Junyou chuckled, he turned to look at his contract with Rodan.
  • At Yellow Ocean Village, Tang Yin didn’t realize that Tong Junyou had already made his move on him. Tang Yin held Zhang Ying to the ground and snatched Ji Youyou’s phone from her.
  • “Do you like using this phone?” Tang Yin tilted his head as he gave Zhang Ying a cold stare.
  • Zhang Ying was terrified, her body trembling and cheeks swollen.
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