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Chapter 182 Ji Youyou Is Getting Married

  • “Stop!” Ji Youyou screamed as she rushed out of the room.
  • Li Laocai lifted his head with a ferocious look on his face as he glared at Ji Youyou. “Stop where you are now and don’t move! If you dare to move, I will kill you immediately!”
  • Ji Youyou started to tremble.
  • “Ji Youyou, how dare you move?! Li Laocai already ordered you not to move. How dare you disobey his orders? Are you trying to get us all killed?” Zhang Ying was so frightened that she started to cry. She looked like a mess.
  • The gun in Li Laocai’s hands was pressed against Yin Number One’s head as he glared at him ferociously. “Who is he? How dare he act so brazenly in Yellow Ocean Village?! How dare he try to snatch my daughter-in-law?!”
  • “He must be somebody in the city that she…” Zhang Han started cursing.
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