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Chapter 179 600,000 Worth of Betrothal Gifts

  • “No?! What do you mean ‘no’?! The cane in Li Chenghong’s hand landed on Ji Youyou’s body one after another, forcing her to retreat as her body trembled with each stroke of the cane; Ji Youyou’s eyes were filled with fear, yet the beatings did not stop there. “How dare you refuse it?! What is the use of holding onto that crappy phone? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in the mirror? Do you think you are worthy to use a mobile phone?”
  • Ji Youyou sobbed quietly as she shrank into a corner, unable to put up a fight.
  • Li Chenghong eventually got tired of beating her, only then did she release the cane. “You better get lost, you lifeless piece of trash, lest you be an eyesore here!”
  • “That’s right. Hurry up and chase her out of here! Why doesn’t a disgrace like her take a look at herself in the mirror first? We’ve asked her to put on a mask, yet she insisted on taking it off to seduce another person! Obviously, she is just a lecherous woman. The family’s honor is being dragged through the mud by her; you should ask her to get lost immediately,” Zhang Ying muttered at the sides as she looked at Ji Youyou in disgust. “She is really a dissolute woman. Does she think that she’d be the most beautiful woman here after taking off that mask? Please, how could she be more beautiful than me?”
  • At that moment, a man in his fifties walked in the house with a fourteen-year-old boy. He cast a glance around the room and then proceeded to sit on the couch.
  • “Alright, stop fighting already! Look at yourself! Don’t frighten our precious son,” muttered Zhang Han.
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