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Chapter 166 An Evil Plot

  • “Oh?” A humble smile formed on Rodan’s face, making him look like the perfect gentleman. “And how will you do that?”
  • “All I’m asking is whether or not you want her,” Jin Di jested.
  • Rodan looked her up and down and the humor in his eyes grew even more pronounced before he spoke quietly in Jin Di’s ear, “I do, but I also want you. What do you say to that?”
  • “What aspirations you have!” Jin Di giggled, finding the handsome young man before her rather to her taste as well.
  • “I've always had aspirations toward pretty women, and women as beautiful as you make me especially crazy.” Rodan stepped closer to her and gently licked the delicate lobe of her ear.
  • Jin Di shuddered as her eyes grew heavy-lidded and sultry. “How honey just falls from your lips! I’ll chase those annoying men away from her and grab that opportunity to talk to her. I believe that it shouldn't be difficult for you to make women fall at your feet considering your looks and position, right?”
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