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Chapter 16 Kindness Repaid With Evil

  • Tang Yin hastily restarted his phone, anxiety knotting up his stomach.
  • Ji Youyou took a look at his phone and the mocking in the curl of her lip grew more pronounced. “Tang Yin, what are you trying to do? Are you intentionally shutting off your phone to drag your feet? Then again, you can only use junk like this since you can’t afford a good phone, am I right?”
  • Tang Yin ignored her and just waited for his phone to reboot after restarting it.
  • “Everyone knows how poor Tang Yin is, it’s only normal if he doesn’t have the money!” Lin Chenfeng mocked, playing up to Wang Rui.
  • “What are you pretending for if you don’t have the money?! You and Ji Youyou sure make a great pair, since both are so f*king poor! One of you stole the class funds while the other is putting up a false front that’s crumbling right in front of our eyes!” Wang Rui sneered.
  • “That’s enough, cut it off!” Ding Xuan interjected icily, no longer able to stand it.
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