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Chapter 147 A Piece of Jade

  • Steve stared at the scene before him as he shook his head. “Frank, please remain calm.”
  • “Do it immediately! I’ve had enough of this! How do you expect me to remain calm when I have to deal with this bunch of monkeys every single day?!” Frank bellowed. “Fire Jenny immediately! I don’t wish to stay in the same room as this woman anymore!”
  • “Frank, I am really disappointed in you,” said Jenny as she shook her head.
  • Frank glared at Jenny with a ferocious look on his face as he smirked.
  • Steve was silent for a moment before he sighed. “Since you are unwilling to ask your family to support me, then I am sorry but you have to leave. I won’t use any more funds from your family to conduct my experiments. Of course, that also means I will not share my research results with your family anymore.”
  • Frank was stunned. Following that, he seemed to have understood the meaning behind Steve’s words. “What did you say?”
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