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Chapter 145 First Attempt

  • Tang Yin grabbed Frank's wrist, twisted it outward, and then punched him in the stomach.
  • Reacting quickly, Steve hurriedly grabbed Tang Yin's wrist. “Tang Yin, stop it; don't do this...”
  • An icy chill eclipsed Tang Yin's eyes, anger coursing through his veins. Even the wound on his shoulder couldn't prevent him from wanting to teach the guy in front of him a lesson.
  • “Tang Yin, don't act impulsively. We have to stay sensible!” Mr. Steve said.
  • Frank pointed at Tang Yin. “For the last time, what you did was witchcraft...”
  • Tang Yin said with a cold expression, “You’re too ignorant! Although you think that Chinese medicine is witchcraft, it has an indispensable position in China’s historical civilization! You just want to show off in front of others by judging the noble Chinese medicinal teachings with your shallow insights! In front of the greatness of Chinese medicine, you are as insignificant as a cockroach...”
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