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Chapter 137 There Is No Human in the Tang Family Anymore

  • Tang Yin’s mouth was wide open. That was because the elderly man’s fist had appeared right in front of his face in the blink of an eye.
  • The elderly man looked at Tang Yin’s surprised expression and frowned slightly before letting out a sigh. “Your reaction is too slow…”
  • Tang Yin took in a deep breath as he leaned back, his entire body covering in sweat. He was certain that this elderly man did not mean any harm, otherwise he would have been either dead or injured at this point.
  • “That brat, Miao Bai, is calling for you. Come with me…” The elderly man shook his head and placed his hands behind his back. Then, he turned around and walked toward the corridor.
  • Tang Yin stood up with lingering fear in his heart and dragged his legs downstairs. Then, he saw Miao Bai in one of the quieter rooms, standing in there with his back toward him. Meanwhile, the elderly man remained outside, and there was a trace of disappointment in his eyes when he looked at Tang Yin.
  • “Uncle Miao…”
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