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Chapter 136 A Video Call From Tang Wei

  • Ji Youyou never knew that Meng Wan and Tang Yin had a marriage contract between them; she had thought that they were just childhood friends who grew up together.
  • In that instant, she finally realized why Meng Wan would occasionally throw her an envious look. It seemed that Meng Wan wasn’t envious of love, she was envious of her! Feeling terrible, Ji Youyou gently lowered her head.
  • It seemed that Tang Yin might not belong to her after all…
  • “Madam Meng, I am sorry for I have fallen in love with someone else.”
  • “You have somebody you love?! Do you think that just because you are part of the Tang Family, I wouldn’t hurt you?! I’ll cripple you now!” bellowed Meng Cuiping.
  • “Don’t!” At this moment, Ji Youyou’s voice rang out from behind the doors.
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