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Chapter 117 Five Billion

  • Looking somewhat embarrassed, Chairman Wang glanced at Tang Yin secretly and forced a laugh. “Perhaps Mr. Chu should consider other places first, and I’ll see if I can ask people to vacate the store for you.”
  • "No, I want those stores on Binjiang Road. Just tell me who owns them, and I will talk to the owner myself,” Yin Ang said dryly, looking displeased.
  • “They’re…” Chairman Wang glanced at Tang Yin subconsciously.
  • “They’re mine.” Tang Yin nodded with a smile.
  • “It doesn’t matter whose they are. Just give him more money.” Suddenly, Yin Ang realized something and abruptly turned his head to look at Tang Yin. His face clouded over in an instant. “Tang Yin, you’re joking, right?”
  • Tang Yin spread out his hands, his face looking a little cold. “Do you think I am joking with you?”
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