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Chapter 112 A Hooligan

  • They both gave Tang Yin a once-over, and they stared at him with pity before turning around and getting back into their car.
  • Tang Yin stood rooted to the spot while scrutinizing the couple, and he finally smiled bitterly.
  • They ignored me!
  • Tang Yin shrugged helplessly, but he did not take it to heart.
  • Although it was extremely rude to ignore someone else in the middle of the street, Tang Yin was not bothered by their actions. For people like them, they might think that no matter where they were, ignoring unimportant people like Tang Yin was the best way to keep a low profile.
  • After witnessing the motorcade driving away, Tang Yin turned around and got into his car. After leaving Steve a message, he drove back to the mansion.
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