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Chapter 106 You Should Leave

  • Cloud Plaza was a landmark and a popular place in Wuhan.
  • The place was always crowded with a lot of youngsters regardless of whether it was a holiday or work day. Some would be shopping, whereas others would be sightseeing. Those who were dating would be strolling about while accompanying their partners. It had been built into a shopping mall, integrating entertainment, leisure, and sightseeing all together.
  • When Tang Yin got down, his expression was still cold. Pulling Ji Youyou’s wrist, he walked to the top floor of Cloud Plaze.
  • On the way, the two of them attracted many people’s attention. After all, he looked handsome and she looked beautiful. They instantly became the center of attention, but Tang Yin’s unfriendly face made them feel like he was somewhat unapproachable.
  • They got into the elevator and went all the way up to the top floor
  • The top floor of Cloud plaza was an independent revolving western restaurant.
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