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Chapter 104 You Smell like Her Perfume

  • The wallpaper of the phone was Tang Yin’s side profile, and he looked as if he was looking at something. In the wallpaper, there was a short-haired girl standing in front of him. They had their heads lowered, pressing their foreheads against each other, and they looked really intimate.
  • Ji Youyou looked at the wallpaper closely. Isn’t the short-haired girl the person in front of me right now?
  • “What’s wrong? Is it broken?” Yuan Zhian asked anxiously.
  • “No.” Ji Youyou looked down and quickly handed her phone over. “Here.”
  • “Thank you!” Yuan Zhian immediately stood up and blushed. “I’m sorry. My boyfriend is too clingy. If it wasn’t for his classmate who was coming back, we would probably still be in bed.”
  • Ji Youyou’s heart ached as she heard this. Her nose had a tingly sensation, and her tears were welling up in her eyes.
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