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Chapter 1016 Adhere to Nature

  • Tang Yin stared at George as he shielded Ji Youyou and the others behind him, his gaze threaded with a hint of wintry coldness.
  • “You lied!” All at once, understanding dawned upon George, and he whirled around and took to his heels in the direction of the corridor. Tang Yin lied! This was his first reaction. The news concerning his demise on Mount Wang is widespread, everyone discussing the fact that the Tang Family has lost its pillar, but from the look of things now, that’s a load of bullsh*t! Not only is he not dead, but he even came to Shanghai!
  • A wave of conflicting emotions brewed within him even as he frantically bolted out the corridor. How could this have happened? He wasn’t a fool, so he instantly figured out everything. During the great battle on Mount Wang back then, he ordered his subordinates to release the mutants from the northwest. The purpose of having the mutants make an appearance was to create trouble for Tang Yin so that he could seize the opportunity to catch a member of the Tang Family.
  • Never had he thought that not only did Tang Yin not fall for the trap, but he even came to Shanghai! How did he come here? Wait. The severely injured person! A moment of clarity hit George. After he fought the battle to the death with Zhao Yu, he didn’t die on Mount Wang. Instead, he used the excuse of the severely injured person to cover his tracks and come to Shanghai with Ji Youyou. Thus, their reactions earlier were merely an act!
  • Whoosh! At this time, he didn’t have time to ponder it anymore, for a gust of strong wind billowed behind him, heralding Tang Yin’s arrival. Tang Yin’s movement was extremely swift, almost leaving an afterimage back where he stood. With just a single step, he was already beside George.
  • “You asked for this!” George bellowed as he turned. His muscles seemingly bulging, he slammed his fist into Tang Yin’s chest.
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