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Chapter 1010 Aftermath

  • Even when the call automatically disconnected, Ji Youyou hadn’t picked up. With a chagrined expression on her face, Li Chengshuang hastily phoned her again, but she still didn’t answer the call after several repeated attempts.
  • “Madam Li, please leave and close the door from the outside.” One of the vice presidents finally placed his hand on his stomach and remarked with a sneer, “I think you’re quite a smart person, so you must know what I mean.”
  • “How dare you?” Li Chengshuang shot him a vicious glare. “Let me tell you, I remember your name, so you’d better get down from your high horse in front of me! You’ll be the first person to be dismissed when I manage to get in touch with my daughter!”
  • “Whatever you say.”
  • “Just you wait!” Li Chengshuang was so infuriated that her face flushed bright red. Whirling around, she stalked toward the door, still trying to call Ji Youyou on her cell phone while walking. Alas, no one picked up from beginning to the end, nor did anyone bother to entertain her. When she’d finally exited Tao Huaisheng’s company, she clenched her hands. Looking back at the company over her shoulders, she shot daggers at it before stomping toward the entrance furiously.
  • At this time, Ji Ding had also rushed over. Staring at this wife of his, his face flushed bright red from fury. He’d heard of everything she’d done today after receiving the phone call up to this very moment. Back then, she wronged our daughter, yet she’s now acting as though they’re bosom buddies. She has truly humiliated the Ji Family!
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