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Chapter 1006 News of Death

  • “What did you just say?” In the living room, Ji Ding sprang to his feet, several expressions flashing across his face in succession. Never have I expected Tang Yin to die!
  • “There have been some environmental anomalies on Mount Wang, and it’s said that a super tornado swept through. Thus, no matter how formidable Tang Yin is, he most likely died on the mountain!” Li Chengshuang declared even as she hastily strode toward the door.
  • “What are you going to do?” Ji Ding demanded loudly.
  • “What am I going to do? I’m naturally going to issue a press statement swiftly and say that we’ll be managing the Tang Family’s businesses on behalf of Youyou. What else could I be doing?” As Li Chengshuang said that, she quickened her pace. “Did you think I’m going to just stay at home and do nothing like you?”
  • With a dark expression on his face, Ji Ding hurriedly chased after her and grabbed her arm. “Are you certain that Tang Yin is dead?”
  • “Isn’t that obvious? Why do I still need to ascertain it?” Impatient, Li Chengshuang shook his hand off. “Ji Ding, hurry up and let go of my hand. Else, we might not be able to get anything if I’m late to act!”
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